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Cacidi AdBuilder Server CC Manual

Client Groups

A Client Group is a full workspace created for as many users as the administrator decides.
Within a client group it is possible to create subgroups and even personal groups.

Client Group Hiearchy
The hierachical build-up of client groups, sub-groups and personal groups, provides a number of advantages for the group members and administrators.
For example, it is possible to have a personal group within a client group or sub-group, which allows the owner of the personal group to view and work with all items in the main- and subgroups, but excludes other members from accessing the content within the personal group.
All the top-level client groups on the server exists as seperate folders directly within the GROUPS service folder on the server. Sub-groups created within these top-level client groups are created as separate folders within these top-level client groups with a separate set of folders for Jobs, Saved Jobs, Uploads etc. New lower-leveled sub-groups can be created within these folders and in that way, the hiearchy can be more and more complex with a few client groups at root level in the GROUPS folder.
Below is an example of a top-level client group The Hotel Group with four sub-client groups (European Hotels, Asian Hotels, American Hotels and Other). Within each sub-group are a number of sub-sub-groups (DK, SE, D, UK, F and N in the European Hotels sub-group) and within each of these sub-sub-groups are created 5 client groups, possibly representing one hotel each, that are sub-groups of these (as illustrated by the small dots). At a total, 124 different client groups are shown in this example, all reciding within the top most client group: The Hotel Group.

Access within client groups
A user logged into his or her client group will have a vertical access to all client groups above he current. But no horizontal access to client groups on the same level or client groups below.
Thus, in the above example, the European Hotels and the Asia Hotels client groups have no access to uploaded images, jobs and layouts in the each other's client group. The same rule apply to the NY and SF sub-group of the American Hotels client group and even to each of the lowest-leveled client group within the NY, SF, FL etc. client groups.
A user logged into one of the sub-groups in the NY client group will then have access to cooporate images and jobs in his or her own client group, the NY client group, the American Hotels client group and even the overall The Hotel Group top-leveled client group. He or her will, however, not be able to access anything from the SF client group or its sub-groups.

Visual Design of Client groups
The visual design of client groups are represented as colors of the web pages, logos, headers and buttons. Additionally, cascading style sheet (.css) files are used for the overall visual layout.
Each client group created as a sub-group within another client group can either enherit the design of the group it was based on or have a design of its own.
When creating a new client group, you have the option of copying the visual design files (.css files, images etc.) from the group it was based on into the new client group. Do so by checking the Copy Images check box when creating a new client group. If this option has been checked, the new client group will now have all the visual design files copied into it and these files will be used to display the design of the client group. To change the design, you will then have to edit the .css files within the client group and edit or replace the logos, buttons etc.
The image on displaying a complex Hotel Group hiearchy visualizes the different layouts of each client group with different colours. Thus, all the sub-groups in the Asian Hotels client group have the same layout as the Asian Hotels group (as represented by the blue colour).
In the American Hotels client group, on the other hand, the American Hotels client group has one layout (red) but none of the sub-groups therein uses the same layout (4 uses the magenta layout, 2 uses a purple layout and in the FL sub-group 3 hotels uses a wholly seperate layout.

Creating Clientgroups
Logged in as a user (RA) with admin privileges, you have access to the admin tab.
Click the admin tab, and then clientgroups.
The user RA is a System Administrator with special priveliges and as such are able to access and see every clientgroup and subgroup created on the system. All other userlevels created with administrator priveliges will only be able to access the clientgroup and subgroups that the user are currently logged in to.
Now, create a new group MyGroup based on the already existing Cacidi client group. When basing a new client group on an existing group, the new group inherits the visual web-design of the group it is based on (see above).
To create the new group, use the drop down menu and select the Cacidi client group.
Notice, instantly you see the new group inherit the web-design of the group it is based on.
With the base design on screen, fill in the New Name field with MyGroup and click the Create Folders button.
Next, it's time to create a subgroup of the new main group MyGroup.
To do so, select MyGroup in the drop down menu and type MySubGroup in the New Name field. Then click the Create Folders button.
With this group hierachy of a main group called MyGroup containing a subgroup called MySubGroup, you are now ready to create group members or users.





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