Cacidi AdBuilder Server CC Manual

ORD - The Five Main XML Blocks

The Cacidi Enterprise Server ORD file contains five different blocks:
These blocks can have different sub-blocks which will be described later on in this documentation. You can add as many of these extra sub-blocks as you wish.
The <JobSettings> block
The <JobSettings> block contains a number of sub-blocks such as <DocSettings> and <PDFSettings>. Both of these sub- blocks can have further sub-blocks; like the <DocSettings> has the <DocMargins> as a sub-block.
The <ScriptSettings> block
The <ScriptSettings> block contains a number of sub blocks which can be used to invoke five different JavaScript scripts doing a full job sequence.
The <ExtremeServerPrefs> block
The <ExtremeServerPrefs> block contains all settings normally adjusted in the Cacidi Enterprise Admin Tool. Settings like resolution/quality of jpg preview, output folder paths, default pdf settings and more.
The <ExtremePrefs> block
The <ExtremePrefs> block contains the path to the Item Designs (The Cacidi Dynamic Item Designs uploaded to the server as part of the system from the design client).
The <BaseSettings> block
The <BaseSettings> block contains the connection information to the data source (be it file-based, MySQL, ODBC or custom data import) as well as data grouping information, queries and file- and folder paths to override the default for the Cacidi Project.
If a project has already been set up on a Cacidi Extreme client solution, the <BaseSettings> block can be copied from the Cacidi Connect Prefs.xml file for the Cacidi Project.

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