Cacidi Charts CC Manual

Define "Styles" for Cacidi Charts CC

It's simple to create the color schemes to be used for the graphs. Draw a number of InDesign text boxes on a page. Apply different colours to the fill and/or the stroke. Apply the stroke size, and enter a few letters within the text boxes, and apply the font name and style.

Save the Chart Style
Select all the boxes, and press the Save icon to the right of the "Styles" popup menu. Enter a name for the style and you are done.

Preview the Chart Style
While holding down the alt-key on the keyboard and selecting the style you want to preview in the Chart Style popup menu, will rebuild a number of boxes on the active page, equivalent to the saved number of colours in the style.

A word on colors
If the colour used in the style are created as a swatch, (don't use color values as name), the colors can later on be change to a different colormix, if the color swatch used in a style are not available, the color swatch will be created.. Any color engine can be used, and process/spot can be set to the color.

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