Cacidi Announce Cacidi Charts CC – a World Class Chart Solution

Today Cacidi are announcing a complete world class solution for creation and editing charts directly in Adobe InDesign. The many charts available covers Pie Charts, Column Charts, Bar Charts, Stacked Charts, Area Charts and the combined Line Scatter Charts. A wide range of charts, and some of them even makes it possible to combine functions like making first row as a line, when working with Columns Charts. Continue reading Cacidi Announce Cacidi Charts CC Рa World Class Chart Solution

Intelligent Rule Based Image Position

Cacidi SmartImagePlacement script are now available to all Cacidi Extreme and Cacidi LiveMerge users. The Script will repositioning resize images in a snippet design, when other images are deleted in a group of images and space are left empty. Let’s say you have a snippet with the space for six images and five of them are not available – ¬†the script will reposition and resize the image to take all space previous used for all six images. There are two ways the reposition and resizing can be executed, either by intelligent calculation of remaining space based on a grid, or by preparing a rule-set for position/size of images.

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