Cacidi Extreme CC Manual

Stylistic Text Encoding

Cacidi Extreme manages comprehensive text styling and automatically applies style formats to your text.You can use two different methods in Paragraph Styles. You can let Extreme use the style that existed in your text fields when you created your Item Design, or you can pre-code the text using SimpleTags from the database.

Paragraph styles or character styles

A paragraph style can be applied to an entire paragraph until the next hard line shift while a character style can be applied to individual characters or words.

Cacidi Extreme will read paragraph styles from the Data Source and apply the styles to the text. To apply a paragraph style to some text in the Data Source, enter the pstyle code like in this example:

<pstyle:myParagraphStyle>my text is a text

Cacidi Extreme will read character styles from the Data Source and apply the styles to the text. To apply a character style to some text in the Data Source, enter the cstyle code like in this example:

<cstyle:myCharacterStyle>my text<end> is a text

The character style named myCharacterStyle will only be applied to the words my text.

Paragraph styles and character styles that are precoded into the Data Source as the above two examples show, should of course be created in the InDesign document prior to production.

Additional codes for text formatting

Six additional codes for text formatting are supported with Cacidi Extreme. Enter the start code before the text and the end code after the text to apply the text style to the text.

Data cleaning with WordStyling

You can create a WordStyling file containing a list of search-and-replace texts to be processed during production. Each line in the WordStyling file consists of a text string to search for, a tabulator stop and the string of text that should replace the search text:

Peter Chris

Peter will be replaced by Chris

You can even use data cleaning to add character styles to your text in the format mentioned above, e.g.

m2 m<cstyle:superscript>2<end>

m2 will be replaced by in the text if you have created a character style called superscript which applies Superscript formatting to text.

Link your Extreme Project to your WordStyling file using the Project Settings window and pointing the Styling File path to your WordStyling file.




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